At Ottawa Kent we appreciate all our employees and like to recognize some of the milestones they have with us.  Here is what working at Ottawa Kent means to Carla Walters, AAI, CISR, CWCA, our Commercial Lines Marketing Specialist, in her own words.

“It has been a priviledge to work at Ottawa Kent the past 20 years.  It continues to amaze me how our staff works in tandem to make the risk management process work for our clients – everything from the sales staff, marketing, account managers, processors, computers, accounting and receptionists – we all play a part in the journey – from first calling on a prospect to issuing important documents for our clients on a day-to-day basis.   

It has been 32 years since I was working two jobs and attending college – all at the same time.   I was working in an office during the day and waiting on tables at a local restaurant evenings & weekends.   During this same time I was wrapping up college classes at Davenport University.   Exhausted from the business of life,  I proceed to take a tour around Holland to drop off resume’s.   My travels ended up providing me with a receptionist position at an insurance office – exactly where my insurance career began.  Since that day, I moved from receptionist, to claims, to personal lines and then to commercial lines.    

 There has been a lot of changes the past 32 years – I vividly remember manually rating a personal lines auto policy, transcribing a memo from a cassette, hand writing applications, microfiche readers and working with carbon sheets that rubbed ink off on my hands.  Certificates and auto ID’s were done with a typewriter – one at a time.        

What scarred me for life was my first day at Ottawa Kent.  Our copier / fax machine was giving us issues.  In an instant I had toner all over me and I ended up having to go home and change my clothes!

One thing that I am confident of – working for Ottawa Kent has been a blessing.  The relationships I have developed, the principles the agency stands for, their vision for their future along with the honesty & integrity I see on a daily basis.     

Thank you to my co-workers who have helped in my succsses.  Without you, I would not be where I am today.   On a final note, I thought I would include a photo of a framed poster I had hanging in one of my first offices at Ottawa Kent –

Butts are Ugly

Butts are Ugly

Enjoy and Journey on!”

Carla Walters

Carla Walters, AAI, CISR, CWCA