1703, 2016

Eight Executive Habits for Safety Leadership

Building a Leadership

1) Executives must lead by example in the area of safety as well as every other aspect of ethical business. This includes, for example, the correct wearing of appropriate PPE in the workplace. One minor lapse observed by […]

1910, 2015

Investigating a Worksite Incident

accidentInvestigating a worksite incident— a fatality, injury, illness, or close call— provides employers and workers the opportunity to identify hazards in their operations and shortcomings in their safety and health programs. Most importantly, it enables employers and workers to identify and implement the corrective actions necessary […]

1809, 2015

Lawn Mower Safety Tips 

2013-07-22-11403180-300x225Lawn mower safety is of the utmost importance when kids are out and about. Children should never ride as passengers on riding mowers or be towed behind. Be aware of where kids are and keep them clear of the work area.

Source: Lawn Mower Safety Tips […]

1609, 2015

Tree Stand Safety

2cliffhospital-LUnfortunately, statistics have shown that tree stand accidents are currently the number one cause of hunter-related injury every season. In fact, it’s estimated that one out of every three deer hunters who hunt from elevated stands are likely to experience a fall at some point in […]

809, 2015

How to Keep Kids Safe as They Head Back to School

If children ride a bus to school, they should plan to get to their bus stop early and stand away from the curb while waiting for the bus to arrive. Other safety steps for students include:

  • Board the bus only after it has come to a complete stop and the driver or attendant has instructed you […]
1808, 2015

School Safety

stop-armsAs summer draws to a close, back-to-school season is in full effect. Remember to safely share the roads with school buses, pedestrians and bicyclists, and provide children with the necessary knowledge to stay safe at school.

Source: School Safety

708, 2015

Be Seen Be Safe while Running 

vestandlightI love to go for a run in the morning but the hours of daylight are getting shorter. I wear a reflective vest and a flashing light to be seen and stay safe.

608, 2015

The Dangers of Distracted Driving 

textingdrivingEach day in the United States, more than 9 people are killed and more than 1,153 people are injured in crashes that are reported to involve a distracted driver. Distracted driving is driving while doing another activity that takes your attention away from driving. Distracted […]

1607, 2015

Make Water Safety Your Priority


  • Swim in designated areas supervised by lifeguards.
  • Always swim with a buddy; do not allow anyone to swim alone. Even at a public pool or a lifeguarded beach, use the buddy system!
  • Ensure that everyone in the family learns to swim well. Enroll in age-appropriate Red Cross […]
2506, 2015

Supreme Court Rules – ACA Subsidies Remain

supreme courtOn June 25, 2015, the Supreme Court upheld the availability of tax credits (subsidies) in all 50 states under the Affordable Care Act. The court affirmed in a 6 – 3 vote that the language in the Affordable Care Act allows the government to […]