Risk Management

1809, 2015

Lawn Mower Safety Tips 

2013-07-22-11403180-300x225Lawn mower safety is of the utmost importance when kids are out and about. Children should never ride as passengers on riding mowers or be towed behind. Be aware of where kids are and keep them clear of the work area.

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1808, 2015

School Safety

stop-armsAs summer draws to a close, back-to-school season is in full effect. Remember to safely share the roads with school buses, pedestrians and bicyclists, and provide children with the necessary knowledge to stay safe at school.

Source: School Safety

1008, 2015

Lock-out Tag-out

lo-to-johnMany serious accidents have happened when someone thought a machine or the power to it was safely off. “Lock-out tag-out” is a way to protect yourself and others by ensuring that machines remain completely, temporarily off. Without a lock-out tag-out system there is the possibility […]

1907, 2015

How do I Avoid Hydroplaning?

3d2903d41c33640d20872c495d89c5dbThe following are important tips to avoid hydroplaning:

  • Keep your tires properly inflated
  • Rotate and replace tires when necessary
  • Slow down when roads are wet: the faster you drive, the harder it is for your tires to scatter the water
  • Stay away from puddles and standing water
  • Avoid driving in […]
2206, 2015

Safety Tips When Using Fireworks


  • Never allow young children to play with or ignite fireworks.
  • Avoid buying fireworks that are packaged in brown paper because this is often a sign that the fireworks were made for professional displays and that they could pose a danger to consumers.
  • Always have an adult supervise […]
1706, 2015

Bicycle-Related Injuries 

kids_on_bikesWhile only 1% of all trips taken in the U.S. are by bicycle, bicyclists face a higher risk of crash-related injury and deaths than occupants of motor vehicles do. In 2010 in the U.S., almost 800 bicyclists were killed and there were an estimated 515,000 […]

2003, 2015

Is your smoke alarm still working?

smoke detector (1 of 1)A smoke alarm with a dead or missing battery is the same as having no smoke alarm at all. A smoke alarm only works when it is properly installed and regularly tested. Take care of your smoke alarms according to the manufacturer’s […]

1903, 2015

Machine Safety

machine-safety-300x231Machines can assist in improving production efficiency in the workplace. However these machines have moving parts, sharp edges, and hot surfaces with the potential to cause severe workplace injuries such as crushed fingers or hands, amputations, burns, or blindness. Safeguards are essential for protecting workers from […]

1303, 2015

Staying Safe at the Pump

unnamedStatic electricity-related incidents at retail gasoline outlets are extremely unusual, but the potential for them to happen appears to be the highest during cool or cold and dry climate conditions. In rare circumstances, these static related incidents have resulted in a brief flash fire occurring at […]

1203, 2015

Tips For Driving in the Fog

119530-foggy-driving.1Driving in fog is dangerous because visibility is reduced. To keep safe, follow these five tips for driving in fog:

1.    Slow down.

If you cannot see where you are going, do not drive fast. Use your speedometer as a guide to regulate your speed, because thick […]