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Fortune 500 companies have the luxury of employing a trained Risk Manager and a team of Risk Mitigation Specialists to support his or her efforts. It is the primary goal of this team to identify, measure, prioritize and mitigate risk – 365 days per year.
Ottawa Kent applies this approach to the middle and upper middle market business segments. Our Business Risk Solutions practice begins with a curiosity to understand the inner workings of the organizations we serve.

Ottawa Kent agrees that the design and procurement of insurance is essential. However, unlike most agents and brokers, we see our primary role as Risk Identification and Mitigation Strategists.

Ottawa Kent takes great pride in our 5-step diagnostic Enterprise Risk Management Process…a consultative approach focused on improving your bottom line.


Proprietary Risk Management Audit


Our consultative approach sets us apart, allowing us to evaluate risk, provide custom advice, and recommend appropriate and efficient ways to protect each company’s interests. Utilizing our proprietary Risk Management Audit, as well as other resources, we work with our clients to identify and evaluate the risks facing their organization.

Once identified, our Risk Managers collaboratively implement a Risk Management 365™ Plan designed to eliminate, mitigate or transfer that risk.
The result is greater peace of mind for your company, employees and bottom line.


Examples of Risk Management Services

  • Safety Program Review and Development
  • Development of Safety Performance Metrics
  • Loss Analysis and Trending
  • Supervisor and Employee Training
  • Regulatory Compliance Audits
  • Aggressive Claims Management
  • Employee Handbook Review
  • Issue & Conflict Resolution
  • Accident Investigation Assistance
  • Job Hazard Analysis Development
  • Worksite Safety Audits
  • Loss Control Resources
  • Access to Risk Management Center
  • Executive Protection
  • Job Description Development
  • Performance Appraisal Assistance

What Insurance Carriers Say

As a result of our Risk Profile Improvement approach, we present each client as “best in class” in the marketplace to obtain preferred treatment. Below are quotations from top level insurance executives:
The comprehensive risk strategy employed through the Risk Management 365 Process embodies the concept of intimacy, intensity and integrity. The Risk Management audit greatly clarifies risk acceptance and pricing decisions by us, and allows more comfort and flexibility in program design.
Insurance Underwriter, Michigan Based Insurance Carrier
Ottawa Kent’s Risk Management 365 Process offers a more in depth understanding of an insured’s operations and exposures. It also enables me, as an insurance company underwriter, to gain comfort with the risk, and more of a willingness to accept the risk. It is a fantastic process.
Insurance Underwriter, National Insurance Company

An Advanced Approach Requires an Advanced Education

CRA-logoCertified Risk Architect®, or “CRA®”, is the designation carried by many Ottawa Kent Risk Managers.  It is a highly desirable designation and preferred by growth oriented middle market companies and organizations when selecting an Outsourced Risk Manager.

The CRA® designation is bestowed only upon select individuals who, having successfully completed rigorous academic study, testing and real world field training, have demonstrated the ability to provide consultative, diagnostic, result-oriented solutions focused on managing and mitigating enterprise risk.

Specialty Coverages

Our Product Knowledge Videos, which are featured under Specialty Insurance, explain some of the many specialty coverages and programs that are available to our clients.

Each presenter is an expert in his/her particular specialty. They do not sell the coverages directly, but work with agencies such as ours to make them available. These videos are for educational purposes only.

After you have listened, please feel free to contact us for further information.  Click on the video to the right to view video library.

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